Like all businesses, utilities must find a balance between competitive and justifiable salaries.  Exorbitant salaries can lead to increased rates that will be difficult to justify.  Salaries that are too low will increase turnover, which will also negatively affect the bottom line.

When making salary decisions, mangers need to know what other utilities are paying similarly qualified individuals for similar work.  IRWA has taken on the challenge to get the most accurate salary information for operators in Illinois to help managers and governing bodies make important salary decisions. This salary information will be based on the information that you provide.            

IRWA respects your privacy and will not be asking your name or the name of your system.  We only want the information that will be pertinent to getting you the most accurate data.  Please take a moment to fill out the following wage survey.

While you wait for the results of our suvey, you can check out this page on water and wastewater operations specialists wages.


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