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Asset Mapping Services

Through the implementation of GPS & GIS technology, IRWA can effectively produce hard copy and digital maps. With this service available from IRWA, utilities can attain new and accurate maps to better manage their water, wastewater, and storm sewer assets.


The printed maps can be large-scale wall maps up to 36”x48” showing utility features with the desired layers (aerial photos, streets, topography, etc.).


The digital map files on a CD, can be accessed with free software that IRWA will provide and install on a utility computer. The program allows you to view, print, and click on system features (such as a valve, hydrant, meter pit, curb stop, manhole, lift station, treatment facility, etc.), and pull up attribute data about each as well as several other capabilities such as printing, zooming, etc.


IRWA has a working relationship with, to put your IRWA project maps, on their server, for mobile viewing with a smartphone or cellular capable tablet - including editing capability. This is at no extra charge to the system for the first year’s subscription. Continuance of the Diamond Maps service after the first year is at the utility’s discretion.


Payment for GIS services is a set charge per feature, with IRWA members receiving an automatic 30% discount, and even more of a reduction with bigger projects.

Download the brochure for more information.

E-mail Don Craig or call him at 217-561-1061 for additional information .