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Equipment for Loan

We have many pieces of equipment that are available to loan to our members free of charge. They may be checked out for as long as 30 days at a time. Some examples are:

Pressure Chart Recorder Electric Valve Exerciser
Foot Pump Hydrant Relief Valve
Composite Sampler Pipe & Cable Locator
Pipe Thawing Machine Hydrant Pressure Test Kit
Wastewater Analysis Kit Certified Thermometer

Backflow Preventer Test Kit
Fire Hydrant Gauge
Hydrant Flow Tester/Diffuser Core Pro Sampler - (Sludge Judge)
D.O. & Temperature Meter Hydrant Diffuser
Portable Flow Meter Portable Test Meter
Electronic Metering Pumps PVC Pipe Locator
Conductivity Meter Low Ionic Strength Chamber
Portable Test Meter Water Level Indicator
Magnetic Locator Dechlorination Bazooka
Pressure Logger  

Equipment Available with IRWA Personnel

Computerized Flow Meter
See Snake camera with locator & monitoring equipment

Leak Locators       
Smoke Testing equipment

Video Inspection Services

More information is available on the Video Inspection Services page

Videos, slide presentations, and books are also available – just call the office to see if we have media on a subject you are looking for. If we don’t have the answer – we will put you in touch with someone who does!