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CD's with CEU's!


Guide to Developing a Source Water Protection Plan


Request a copy from our office (free) or download it to your computer

It is literally training at your fingertips. Just pop it in and follow the directions. Course ID#12759


Operator Basics for Groundwater Systems Version 2003 is also on this CD but has been retired as approved IEPA training. ONLY the Source Water Protection is approved for up to 7.62 hours. To report your CEU's to IEPA from the CD - you should send in the operator training form with the certificate printed from the CD showing minutes of participation to the IEPA so they can assign the proper time.



Operator Basics Training Series 2005


Request a copy from our office (free)



This CD has several options for credit hours depending on the courses you take. The courses include Groundwater, Surface Water & Wastewater Lagoon Systems. There is 24 credit hours total. Course ID #1977

If you have any other questions about the CDs, please contact Mark Mitchell.