Video Inspection Service

Video inspection technology for wastewater and storm sewer systems can help you identify and prioritize maintenance issues, while improving service and reducing emergency maintenance costs.

IRWA incorporates both a “Set Minimum Maintenance Fee” and a “Maintenance Fee per Foot Charge”.  The sole purpose of each is to operate, and maintain the IRWA Sewer Video Inspection Van and equipment used.

IRWA is glad to provide this Sewer Video Inspection Service to our members, and non-members (at a higher fee).  As of March 1, 2024, the IRWA voting members “set minimum maintenance fee” for this service is $500.00 for projects that do not exceed 500 feet (Non-IRWA voting member utilities pay $750). Larger projects requiring more time and inspection coverage, will be based on the set minimum maintenance fee up to 500 feet. Then a maintenance per foot charge of $1.00, will be assessed for footage above the minimum allowance.  IRWA member utilities receive an automatic discount on the “per foot” charge, as well as the reduced set minimum maintenance fee, for each of these types of projects.  Non-IRWA member systems will pay the increased set minimum maintenance fee of $750, plus a charge of $1.50 per foot, above the initial 500 feet allowed in the minimum.

(Note:  Due to staffing varied work demands and logistics, IRWA will not undertake video inspection jobs exceeding 5,000 feet maximum per project.)

A proposal (contract) must be signed in advance of the inspection. Upon completion, your system will be invoiced for the services and will also receive a detailed report including graphic diagrams of the inspection features, and a correlating digital video file for visual reference.


For more information or to schedule an inspection of your system, E-mail IRWA Deputy Director Don Craig or call him at 217-561-1061.

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